sustainability resources


(Most reliable and comprehensive global reports)

IPCC Fifth Assessment Report

UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2020

IPBES Global Assessment Report

WWF Living Planet Report 2020 

WRI Creating a Sustainable Food Future Report 2018


Less is More, Jason Hickel

The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard

Collapse, Jared Diamond

A Short History of Progress, Ronald Wright

Energy and Civilization: A History, Vaclav Smil

Energy Transitions, Vaclav Smil

The Sixth Extinction, Elizabeth Kolbert

Climate: A New Story, Charles Eisenstein

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, Bill Gates


The Story of Stuff

Energy Transitions : Global & National Perspectives | Vaclav Smil

Reconciling Slow Transition & Fast Climate Change | Vaclav Smil

Jason Hickel: Economics in an Age of Climate Breakdown

How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory

Climate: A New Story – Charles Eisenstein

Global Warming: Prof. Rich Wolfson

Sir Robert Watson – Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss


David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet


Vaclav Smil

Charles Eisenstein

Greta Thunberg

David Attenborough

Bill Gates

Robert Watson

Jason Hickel

Annie Leonard

Elizabeth Kolbert

Zach Bush

Rich Wolfson

Other Resources:

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

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